Softie-Lite – new Rycote windshield

The Softie-Lite is the new Rycote slip-on windshield, designed specifically to compliment the Rycote INV-Lite boom shock-mount. Available in two versions – a 19mm and a 21mm variant – the compact Softie-Lite windshield allows for faster booming indoors, compared a standard ‘foam’.

  • Designed specifically for use with the INV-Lite shock-mount;
  • For use with shorter, lighter shotgun mics for interior booming;
  • Provides more protection against plosives and wind noise than a traditional foam windshield;
  • Allows for outdoor use in very light winds – so it’s great for transitions, indoors to outdoors, in these conditions;
  • Available in two versions; for 19mm and 21mm microphones respectively;
  • Robust, reliable Rycote quality;
  • Lightweight & compact – just 27g and only 170cm long

The Softie-Lite windshield and the INV-Lite shock-mount are also available together, as an all-in-one ‘kit’, which also includes an XLR cable and holder.

  • INV-Lite shock-mount, fitted with XLR holder on boss;
  • Softie-Lite windshield;
  • Pre-fitted XLR cable (XLR-3M to short right-angled XLR-3F);
  • Available in two versions, for 19mm and 21mm microphones respectively;
  • Lightweight – just 217g (inc. Softie-Lite).

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