When an editor has to wait for technology, creativity suffers. EDIUS-9-Canon-C200-Cinema-RAW-lightThat doesn’t happen with EDIUS Pro 9. EDIUS Pro 9 means more formats and more resolutions in real time for the ability to Edit Anything, Fast. EDIUS Pro 9 is the perfect finishing tool for professional productions, including documentary and 4K and HDR theatrical productions.

Edius 9 HDR HLG Workflow

With more creative options and real-time, no-render editing of all popular SD, HD and even 4K and HDR formats, EDIUS Pro 9 is THE most versatile and fastest nonlinear editing software available.
EDIUS Pro 9 from Grass Valley gives you real-time editing of multiple formats and frame rates all on the same timeline. That means you can edit faster… and make the time to be more creative.

More Formats, Better Workflows
EDIUS Pro 9 includes native support for all commonly used file formats, including Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2, Canon XF and EOS movie and RED formats. For post-production work you can use Grass Valley’s high-performance intermediate 10-bit codec, HQX, and there is an option available to add the Avid DNxHD codec (included as standard in the Workgroup version).

Where EDIUS Pro 9 really shines, however, is with its fast and comprehensive implementation of newer file formats, for example Sony XAVC (Intra/Long GOP)/XAVC S, Panasonic AVC-Ultra, Canon XF-AVC and various Log/RAW files. With EDIUS Pro 9, you’ll always be able to edit, whatever format comes your way.

Edius 9 Pro/Workgroup

You buy it, you keep it – a secure investment

When purchasing EDIUS Pro 9 the user receives a permanent license including all 9.xx updates free of charge introducing new features during the EDIUS Pro 9 lifecycle. EDIUS Pro 9 is free from subscription fees and time-limitations. Your investment is secure because you may work with EDIUS Pro 9 as long as you wish with no further charges even after the introduction of a new EDIUS-version (major release) in the future.
EDIUS Pro 9 allows to be installed onto two PCs, like a desktop-PC and a notebook. This way you may continue editing an ongoing project while travelling. In case your notebook is not well suited for rather demanding material (like 4K/multicam/multiple layers) you will enjoy the EDIUS Pro 9-proxy-mode for a smooth and uninterrupted editing experience.


64-bit and 4K
Built from scratch as a native 64-bit-solution for Windows 7, 8 and 10 EDIUS Pro 9 utilizes all of the advantages of today’s advanced 64-bit-operating systems. This includes the usage of up to 512 GB of system RAM for an optimal throughput of data, which is essential when using multiple layers, editing 3D and working with multicam-projects.

EDIUS Pro 9 is optimized for Intel Quick Sync like no other NLE. Not only does Quick Sync speed up the encoding of H.264 exporting files up to 10 times faster. Playing back H.264-footage on the timeline has been greatly improved as well as enabling to smoothly edit 4K-material even with a less then optimized office PC.

Quick Sync is a hardware implemented GPU-feature offered by many of Intel’s current Core i7, Core i5 and even Core i3 processors. Versions i7-4790K and i7-6700k are highly recommended for desktop-PCs as well as the i7-4810QM and i7-6820HQ for notebooks.

From version EDIUS Pro 8.10 the performance of ProRes and DNxHD footage on the timeline has been speeded up by 250 %.

Best in class editing of different formats on one timeline

Like no other NLE EDIUS Pro 9 is capable of a real-time-editing, real-time up- and down-scaling, framerate- and format-conversion allowing mixing all kinds of different formats and footage on one timeline. If you work in HD then simply move any 4/3-SD-file onto the timeline, just mix NTSC- and PAL-footage, add some 4K-shots and footage with different framerates. EDIUS Pro 9 takes care of any needed real-time conversion with no time wasted on manual transcoding or rendering queues.

EDIUS Pro 9 supports resolutions from 24×24 pixel up to 4Kx2K (4096×2048), all on one timeline, even nested in sequences, including alpha-channel (transparency) and all in real-time.

Multiplatform export

Exporting files into any desired format is just as comfortable. Resolution and framerates can be adjusted to your individual needs. Plenty containers like AVI, QuickTime and Windows Media as well as different codecs are available. This includes high-end formats for a typical professional environment as well as formats best suited for consumer use.


New: Mync

As of version 8.32 EDIUS comes with the content management tool Mync Standard. This tool was previously called GV Browser and has now been extended with a number of powerful features. As a personal file manager it allows you to sort and manage all kinds of footage, audio-clips and stills, add attributes and keywords and edit storyboards. The sorted files will automatically be shown within the EDIUS source browser for a fast and easy access. Mync can also export stills and put clips online by uploading them to channels like YouTube and Vimeo or FTP-servers.

Mync is intelligent: After attaching an usb-drive or memory-card to your PC all supported formats will automatically be detected and shown within the bin-window.

EDIUS is available in following versions:

  • EDIUS Pro 9
  • EDIUS Pro 9 Education for educational institutions or students (this isn’t a commercial license and it isn’t possible to upgrade it to the higher versions)
  • EDIUS Pro 9 Upgrade from PRO 8 or Edius 8 Workgroup 8
  • EDIUS Pro 9 Jump Upgrade from Edius versions 2-7 or EDIUS Neo 1-3.5


  • EDIUS Workgroup 9
  • EDIUS Workgroup 9 Education for educational institutions or students (this isn’t a commercial license and it isn’t possible to upgrade it to the higher versions)
  • EDIUS Workgroup 9 Upgrade from Workgroup 8 version
  • EDIUS Workgroup 9 Jump Upgrade from EDIUS 2-7, EDIUS Pro 8 (not available for EDIUS EDU or EDIUS Neo)

You can order your EDIUS directly from our Webshop.

Key features of EDIUS Pro 9 and Workgroup 9

  • NEW: “Buy once and use forever”: EDIUS Pro 9 and EDIUS Workgroup 9 are solutions that you purchase once and use without time limit – as the majority of users wants. So there is no subscription or rental model and no time limit for the use.
  • NEW: Always up to date: Numerous new features and enhancements will be added free of charge to users of EDIUS Pro 9 and EDIUS Workgroup 9 during the product cycle of EDIUS 9 until mid/end of 2019
  • NEW: Comprehensive HDR Workflow:
    • Support for HDR PQ and HLG
    • Native support of HDR video sources (professional camcorders, drones, action cams and smartphones)
    • Native HDR cut
    • Conversion of SDR and Log to HDR
    • Mix of SDR and HDR on one timeline
    • Real-time preview on HDR monitor when editing (Tip: We recommend Sony HDR monitors and as HDR control monitor the Atomos Sumo19/19M)
    • Export of HDR files for HDR LCD TVs and YouTube
    • Export of HDR files in native XAVC format
  • NEW: Support for the BT.2020 and BT.2100 color space
  • NEW: Export of H.264 files with 10bit and 4:2:2
  • NEW: Support of the Cinema Raw Light Format of Canon C200
  • NEW: Native 10bit Cinema DNG support
  • NEW: General acceleration of EDIUS by faster program start and accelerated processing (even the installation of updates has been improved)
  • NEW: Improvement of the user interface (as a reaction to user feedback)
  • NEW: Including updated Mync media management software
    • enhanced metadata analysis, also for the search function
    • advanced storyboard editing functions
    • improved working with offline files
  • NEW: Cloud ready: EDIUS can run in the cloud. Ideal for users, who have their video material in the cloud
  • NEW: In the future EDIUS will also be available as a floating license for companies
  • NEW in the Workgroup version: Support of 4K 50/60p output via I/O hardware
  • NEW: Important: the list of new features in EDIUS 9 does not end herewith. EDIUS 9 has the same system with free .xx updates like EDIUS 8, which has been much appreciated by users: Every few months there is an update with new features and/or format support. In EDIUS 8, e.g. the following enhancements were added after the 8.00 version: primary color correction, LUT support, color space conversion, Log support, optical flow, motion tracker, new still picture engine (without Quicktime), loudness meter with auto correction, Mync Media Asset Management with storyboard and upload function, better metadata support, new proxy mode with different resolutions, up to 64 channels of audio, 4K monitor and high DPI support, improved ProRes and DNxHD support, GPU acceleration for primary color correction, Raw support, draft preview mode with reduced preview quality for more real-time, project templates, open FX support and much more.
  • NEW: Planned improvements in upcoming 9.xx updates are, for example:
    • a function for synchronizing clips via audio (for multicam editing)
    • support for 8K and high frame rate
    • H.265 export
    • and much more…
    • for the Workgroup version, in addition, e.g. the support of integrated subtitles (CC) and background rendering is planned
  • Titler format independent of the DPI setting of the computer
  • Possibility to change between display light and scene light in the primary color correction
  • Date and time display on the screen for XAVC-S clips
  • Manual input of volume and panorama values in the audio mixer
  • EDIUS Workgroup – loudness auto correction for export
  • High DPI support for all parts of the user interface including QuickTitler, layouter and effects settings
  • Accelerated export for H.264 material
  • Import/editing of H.265 HEVC material (e.g. Panasonic GH5)
  • Support for metadata of current Panasonic cameras (e.g.GH5)
  • Export of the storyboard in Mync as XML format possible
  • Storyboard in Mync with background music
  • Include preview frame in the OUT marker – especially interesting for previous Avid users
  • High quality slow-motion effect through Optical Flow Technology
  • High quality frame rate conversion directly in the timeline through Optical Flow Technology (in real-time!)
  • Different resolutions and quality levels for proxy-files
  • Motion Tracker in order to track and use filters and effects on objects and image areas
  • LUT (Look-Up-Table) import
  • Extensive LOG support
  • HDR workflow
  • New primary color correction with many settings possibilities and YRGB curves
  • Utilization of the GPU to accelerate complex color corrections (support of the primary color correction)
  • Possibility to use EDIUS also without Apple QuickTime (QuickTime has security lapses)
  • Optimized preview mode with reduced resolution (if required) for more real-time effects (only the Workgroup version)
  • Mync for managing video, audio and stills. Allows tagging, entering and searching for keywords, retrieving and previewing clips in high quality.
  • Optimal 4K-workflow supporting 3rd party hard- and software like Blackmagic Design Decklink 4K Extreme, Ultra Studio 4K, Intensity Pro 4K as well as EDL and AAF import/export with the high-end Grass Valley HQX Codec along with DaVinci Resolve 12 as color grading solution.
  • Supports editing hardware from leading manufacturers like Blackmagic Design, Matrox and AJA.
  • Supports Open FX Plug-ins.
  • Compatible with any resolution between 24×24 pixel up to 4Kx2K, real-time-framerate-conversion on one timeline for a fluent and uninterrupted editing experience.
  • Optimized GUI for an even faster workflow.
  • Optimized visibility and ergonomics supporting 4K/UHD-displays.
  • Fast and easily customizable GUI supporting an unlimited number of video-, audio-, title- and graphic-tracks.
  • Supports the newest file-formats like Sony XAVC (Intra/Long GOP)/ XAVC S and Panasonic AVC-Ultra/AVC-Intra 4K 422.
  • Supports the new Canon 4K XF-AVC-Codecs (import only) that comes with the new Canon 4K-Camcorder XC10 and C300 Mark II.
  • Native support of the majority of different video-formats like Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2, Ikegami GF, RED as well as Canon XF and EOS and more.
  • Fastest and most responsive editing of AVCHD-material available on the market.
  • Multicam-editing allowing up to 16 sources simultaneously supporting the editing-card’s real-time video output.
  • Improved MPEG encoder/decoder
  • Improved H.264/AVC encoder/decoder for even faster encodings of 4K XAVC-material.
  • Optimized playback of 4K H.264-material.
  • Optimized for the Intel Core I architecture 4th generation (Haswell).
  • Native 64-processing allowing the allocation of maximum RAM for an optimal real-time-experience.
  • Proxy mode workflow enabling older computers to work fluently even on complex projects thus securing your investment on hardware (ROI).
  • Supports Intel Quick Sync acceleration for an extreme fast H.264-export (ideal for H.264 based formats like AVCHD and SONY X-AVS S and exporting to Blu-ray disk).
  • Fast handling of large quantities of still pictures (JPG, TGA, DPX and more).
  • Excellent workflow to edit stereoscopic 3D video-footage.
  • Built-in image stabilization enhancing shaky footage.
  • Direct timeline-export to DVD and Blu-ray.

Put the power of EDIUS Pro 9 at your fingertips.

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