System integration

Kapetanovic Systems offer professional and highly reliable system integration services in the area of broadcast and media sector. These services include consultations, business assessment, strategic guidance, workflow analysis and diagnostic, field analysis, system design, project coordination and management, as well as an integration and implementation of advanced technological solution. An extensive experience of numerous project implementations combined with the knowledge of our team as well as the selection of the state of the art technological solutions are guarantee of successful completion of any project regardless of system complexity required in implementation and creation of reliable and functional system.

We cover the following fields of

  • Audiovisual media acquisition, production, postrpoduction, storage, emiting and distribution
  • File based audiovisual media workflows
  • Media Asset Management
  • Internet multimedia streaming, podcasting
  • Multimedia
  • Studio production and building
  • Editing suites installations
  • Multiplatform aggregation, contribution and distribution platforms
  • Over-the-Top back-end and front-end systems integration
  • Digital Terrestrial Television
  • IPTV
  • Digitization services and archiving solutions
  • Project documentation, working instruction manuals, block schemes, detailed scheme layouts
  • Installation services, wiring, cabling

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