About Us

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Who we are

Kapetanovic Systems is a system integrator company founded in 1994 with the goal to provide system integration services within the broadcast and audivisual media industry. The company headquarter is based in Zagreb. As CEE regional broadcast market needs grew over the years in order to facilitate business operations our management team decided to establish a subsidary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our knowledge and experience combined with professional and innovative approach are guarantee of a successful completion of any project.

What we do

Kapetanovic Systems is a company focused on providing of high quality system integration and consulting services related to broadcast and media sector. Kapetanovic Systems provides comprehensive solutions and services essential for a successful business player in a modern audiovisual/multimedia eco-system. Our solutions include:

  • complete TV system analysis, design, planning, integration and implementation
  • provision of high-end professional audio and video equipment
  • project management with strong organisational and communication support
  • 24/7 support and maintenace
  • strategic planning, independent, professional and objective consulting services
  • education delivery
  • other solutions involving audiovisual media aquisition, ingest, storage, preservation and distribution processes.

What we value

We value personal and company integrity, team spirit, diversity, truthfulness, adaptability, accountability, positive attitude, excellence, hard work and professionalism. We believe that all these values are essential and necessary for a successful, reliable and fruitful business cooperation and development. We keep outstanding relationships and friendly approach to our clients because we do what we say and say what we do and that’s what set us apart from our competitors and of course makes us most proud of.


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