Training and Education

The key elements alleviating the transition process towards challenging media market environments are readiness to change, to learn and apply innovative concepts and business strategies. The key factors in these processes are educated and qualified individuals and teams. In line with this we provide and deliver technology workshops, presentations and lectures. On top of that we offer organizational and preparatory services in case you want to go abroad to participate in education classes organized by our business partners such as Dolby, Grass Valley, etc.

Whether already a successful player in media market or planning to become one, the crucial prerequisite is to understand the rules of the market and obligations and responsibilities set by media regualtory bodies. Based on the experience in media regulation world and knowledge of media regulation procedures we provide business media subjects with full support and guidance during the preparatory processes necassary for starting media businesses in Croatia and surrounding contries as well.

Except mentioned consultancy services, Kapetanovic Systems actively participates in reshaping of media legislation framework in terms of  initiatives for the introduction of the latest applicable technological solutions and experiences of other countries into the current legislation framework. One of such initiatives is the introduction and adoption of international standards and accompanying technological tools intended for measurement and control of audio loudness in production and distribution of audiovisual media.

Please, contact us if you are about to enter the media market or in case you have any question regarding presented initiative.

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