Demo equipment sale!!!

Demo equipment

This December we are cleaning supplies in stock and provide demo equipment at extremely low prices. For more information contact us on< Available items you can see below:

65% discount on the following VARIZOOM and Focus equipment:
VZFPK slika1VZFPK slika2 VARIZOOM VZ-FPK Flow pod kit
Price: 4.163,00 kn 1.457,05 kn + VAT

Price: 8.355,00 kn 2.924,25 kn + VAT

Price: 9.108,00 kn 3.187,80 kn + VAT

FOCUS-FS-H200 slika1 FOCUS FS-H200 with battery and mounting kit
Price: 5.895,00 kn 2.063,25 kn + VAT

25% discount on the following Petrol Bags equipment:
PCUB-3 slika1 PETROL PC UB-3 for Sony D600, D-790, XD-CAM, HDW-700A, F-900, F-950, Panasonic HDW-27E & similar size cameras
Price: 1.811,00 kn 1.358,25 kn + VAT

PETROL-PC-003 slika1 PETROL PC 003 for Sony HVR-FX1/Z1/V1, PMW-EX1, Panasonic AG-HVX200 & similar camcorders (replaces PDRB-3)
Price: 1.413,00 kn 1.059,75 kn + VAT

PETROL-PC-001 slika1 PETROL PC 001 for XM-1, XM-2, GL-1, GL-2 & similar camcorders (replaces PDRB-1)
Price: 1.762,00 kn 1.321,50 kn + VAT

PETROL-PC-102 slika1 PETROL PC 102 for Sony DSR-250, 370,570, D600, Panasonic DVC-200, DVC-PRO line Canon XL1S/XL-2 & similar size cameras (replaces PCUB-2)
Price: 2.299,00 kn 1.724,25 kn + VAT

30% discount on the following Blackmagic Design equipment:
Cinecam-26KEF slika1 Blackmagic cinema camera Cinecam 26KEF
Price: 14.610,00 kn 10.227,00 kn + VAT

NEW!!! New devices for a low price:
DecklinkMiniRecorder slika1 Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder
Price: 1.050,00 kn 850,00 kn + VAT

Sennheiser-ME-2 slika1 Sennheiser ME-2
Price: 916,00 kn 750,00 kn + VAT

Sennheiser-ME-4 slika1 Sennheiser ME-4
Price: 993,00 kn 800,00 kn + VAT

Note: There is a limited number of pieces, to check availability please contact us at . The picture that illustrates the product on the website may not be exactly the actual appearance of the product and the buyer can not reclaim this equipment.

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