News from Belden – FiberExpress Enterprise Closet X & FiberExpress Fusion Splice-on Connectors

Belden’s new FiberExpress (FX) Enterprise Closet X (ECX) Patch Panel system is an elegant, intuitive and flexible solution that has been designed to maximize installer flexibility when compared to industry-leading solutions. FX ECX has been optimized for LAN environments and AV applications, and provides an easy-to-deploy, efficient solution for installers.

FiberExpress (FX) Fusion is a new line of fiber splice-on connectors that expands your possibilities with field-termination and provides superior performance over mechanical splice options. Both LC and SC connectors are available in multimode and singlemode fiber grades.

For more information you can take a look on the brochures and the photo gallery by clicking on button more: ECX_PB00095_V3_ECOS_BDC_0418_ENG_EMEA.pdf Fusion FAQ and Ordering Guide_ECOS_BDC_0418_ENG_EMEA.pdf

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