JVC je predstavio novu DT-G seriju produkcijskih monitora s podrškom za 4K

Serija uključuje sljedeće modele:

DT-G17E – 17″ HD produkcijski monitor
DT-G21E – 21″ HD produkcijski monitor
DT-G24E – 24″ HD produkcijski monitor
DT-G27E – 27″ HD produkcijski monitor

Za detaljne specifikacije kliknite na gumb više:



• 1920×1080 Full HD 8-bit IPS panels, with 10 bit signal processing
• 2 x 3G HDSDI inputs / outputs, 1x HDMI 2.0 input
• 4K compatible HDMI 2.0 input with HQ Scaler
• 1 x Y / Pr / Pb component input, 1x VGA Sub-D input
• 1 x composite composite input / output
• Monitor Calibration via integrated software, front sensor USB host socket connectable, no removal, no opening (Sensor probe optional)
• Picture functions: H Flip and V-Flip for mirror operation, Low Latency Mode for time-critical
• Auxiliary functions: H / V delay, frame / field mode, marker, zoom, freeze frame
• Measurement functions: waveform with line magnifier, vector-scope , histogram
• Display functions: Multi-color UMD display with adjustable size, soft tally, dimmable multi-color tally
• 16-channel audio alert display, two selectable audio de-embedding channels
• Operating functions: Illuminated brightness-adjustable controls Key Lock, Assignable function keys
• External control: Serial RS485 interface for TSL UMD, GPI input and IP monitor control
• Robust solid metal housing with tillable base
• Mains operation with integrated power supply, DC operation with 4 PIN XLR, battery power via
integrated V-mount plate
• Environmentally friendly, compatible with common “green” energy saving standards.

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