Kapetanović Sistemi has become reseller for Magewell.

Kapetanović Sistemi has become reseller for Magewell. Magewell Company was found in 2011. and company is primarily focused on audio & video signal processing.

Their product portfolio includes several series of capture cards (Pro Capture Family) and USB capture devices (USB Capture Family and USB Capture Plus Family) for which there is no need for driver installation under Windows, Mac and Linux. Magewell devices are compatible with many already existing software (http://www.magewell.com/compatible-software).


Edius9 Grace Period

We would like to inform you that at the IBC, Grass Valley gave a preview of EDIUS 9. Grass Valley has also started a Grace Period: Anyone who acquires EDIUS 8 from 1st of September 2017 will get EDIUS 9 free of charge. For more info please contact us on our e-mail
or telephone +385 1 6040 544.

SkyPanels go wireless with SkyLink

SkyLink is the perfect wireless solution for ARRI SkyPanels. Say goodbye to DMX Cables with SkyLink. ARRI and Innovative Dimmers have teamed up to create SkyLink: a two-part system that allows for wireless DMX and RDM communication to SkyPanels. The SkyLink Receiver and the SkyLink Base Station use LumenRadio for DMX/RDM communication and a WiFi chip in the Base Station allows for direct control from a DMX control application on a tablet or computer.

Setting up a control network has never been easier.

Softie-Lite – new Rycote windshield

The Softie-Lite is the new Rycote slip-on windshield, designed specifically to compliment the Rycote INV-Lite boom shock-mount. Available in two versions – a 19mm and a 21mm variant – the compact Softie-Lite windshield allows for faster booming indoors, compared a standard ‘foam’.

  • Designed specifically for use with the INV-Lite shock-mount;
  • For use with shorter, lighter shotgun mics for interior booming;
  • Provides more protection against plosives and wind noise than a traditional foam windshield;
  • Allows for outdoor use in very light winds – so it’s great for transitions, indoors to outdoors, in these conditions;
  • Available in two versions; for 19mm and 21mm microphones respectively;
  • Robust, reliable Rycote quality;
  • Lightweight & compact – just 27g and only 170cm long


Calrec has published the article about first Calrec Artemis audio mixer sold in Croatia

Calrec Audio is continuing its momentum in the European broadcast market with a sale in Croatia (of course sold by Kapetanovic 🙂 ) — an Artemis Light console for Gama Studio’s brand-new OB van. The Artemis Light brings powerful levels of flexibility and digital signal processing capabilities to the new truck, which will greatly expand Gama Studio’s ability to broadcast live sports and entertainment events of all types and sizes. For full article please visit the following link: https://calrec.com/artemis-lights-up-new-ob-van-for-croatias-gama-studio/

S360-C: SkyPanel on an immense scale

Introducing the new SkyPanel S360-C, the biggest and brightest LED fixture ARRI has ever produced. Not only is the S360-C powerful, but it is full of exciting features, making it one of the most versatile LED fixtures on the market. Features include full color control, lighting effects on a huge aperture, wireless DMX built in, a unique carbon fiber yoke, and much more.
The S360-C is truly a beast of a light.

New ARRI Skypanel FW 3.0

ARRI has introduced new ARRI Skypanel FW 3.0. Bringing 10 amazing new features, SkyPanel Firmware 3.0 is a free update that can be downloaded by users and installed in any SkyPanel fixture. Features include onboard lighting effects, light source matching, a high speed mode, sACN implementation, and much more. With these new features, SkyPanel allows for more control and creativity than ever before. More…

Sound Devices Introduces the MD-4 Analog- to- Dante™ Audio Interface

The MD-4 4×4 Analog-to-Dante Interface with Headphone Monitor is a simple, high-performance interface for connecting analog audio to Dante™ audio networks.  Four high-gain microphone or level-level inputs are available for connection to a Dante audio network. Additionally, four Dante signals can be sent to its four balanced analog outputs. Inputs or outputs can be routed to headphones for signal monitoring and metering.


NEW! RTS ROAMEO wireless intercom system

New RTS solution debuts at ISE 2017:
ROAMEO wireless intercom system combines user-friendly operation and seamless communication in large areas

Fully integrated into all digital RTS matrices, the wireless solution allows users to address either individuals or specified groups

Uninterrupted, high-quality and license-free audio based on DECT standard allows integration of a large number of simultaneous users across wide areas More…